Nubiferous - Behind The Megalithic Walls [CP 03]

NUBIFEROUS is a dark ambient project from North Caucasus.The idea of creating was by AD,after split-up of their main band NOAH'S FLOOD(atmospheric death metal).The main influences on NUBIFEROUS:mountains,woods and theirs mystic aspects,esoteric and paranormal themes...NUBIFEROUS combined own atmosphere through dark ambient,fields recordings and drone soundscapes....

Album "Behind The Megalithic Walls"
recorded in February/March 2010.
Except track "Speos Of Deep Ones" Recoded in november 2009.
All thoughts, conception & design by Nubiferous.


1. Inshore Dolmen 2:12
2. Breast From The Ancient Water 12:24
3. Nightwalker 5:12
4. Towers Of The Black Sea Dragon 10:30
5. Into The Asylum Of Basatan 12:43
6. Speos Of Deep Ones 11:00
7. Yaddith Gho 12:55
8. The Opaque Vision 4:45
9. Behind The Megalithic Walls 14:46
10. Nitrogen Narcosis (bonus) 4:08
11. Creatures Of THe Void 5:37

Genre: ambient, dark ambient, experimental, drone

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