Extatic Continuum - Transpersonal (Beyond Cerebrotonia) [CP 21]

Extatic Continuum is about transcoding mystical experiences into music because no words could tell what it is exactly ... The music has the power to communicate what is unspeakable ; and so here it's about entheogenic experiences and Akashic visions of the goddess...  This is about going beyond ego and History ...

Genre: psychedelic, electronica, idm, ambient


2. Moonlight
3.Magic is the science of the jungle
4.Pour aller ou?
5. Akh
6.Starting Heart
7.Psychic Flaw
8.Kaleidoscope Harmonium
10.Orphan Lotus

Cover art by Kati Astraeir

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Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt - Wounded Warriors [CP 20]

Genre: noise, improvisation, accidental


1. Wounded Warriors
2. Jesus Nazareno of the Tapes
3. Appalachian Spring
4. Diaries

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Genus Inkasso - The Despised Pastora --- GRINDCORE CINEMA presents ---

Genre: experimental, grindcore, ambient, noise

released 28 June 2012
GRINDCORE CINEMA presents "The Despised Pastora"
Arranged between January - May 2012
All tracks by Joris J.

Download free: http://grindcorekaraoke.com/album/the-despised-pastora

Atrio Serenade - El Argumento de una Monotona Decadencia Bipolar

Genre: ambient, drone, experimental, field recordings, noise

..."una delicada improvizacion romantica sobre la vanalidad de la monotinia y los cautivantes paisajes del subconciente "...

released 19 July 2012
 Cover Art By Gonzalo de Lara Yañez
 Produced by Atrio Serenade
 Master by Atrio Serenade
 Stgo,Chile 2012

Download free from Atrio Serenade' Bandcamp page:


Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Dub Poetry

01 Welcome To The Pop Format
02 Gun Slinger Rat
03 Purpose
04 Heltah Skeltah
05 Decent Dub
06 God And Skateboards (Larval)
07 Ilitch Gets A Haircut
08 Dis Mistake
09 JJ Instead Of Marcus Garvey
10 New Days In The Sun

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Atrio Serenade - Drone Panoramica

Drone Panoramica contiene una variedad de significados . Fusionando sonidos que nos rodean todo el tiempo y traducidos a una profunda atmosfera drone contrastada y reflejada por destellos de pads electricos Drone Panoramica es la dualidad de partes continuas impuestas a la sensibilidad del receptor
 ... " inmortaliza un recuerdo y dejate sorprender " ...
 released 01 June 2012
 ......... para Judith & Thomas ..........
 Producido y Masterizado por Atrio Serenade Santiago,Chile 2012
 Release date: Jun 1, 2012


Klangboot Radio #032 ~ Tube ~ 20120518

Klangboot Radio: http://www.klangboot.de/?p=704

Playlist (Artist - Track - Label - Year):

1. Tunguska EMS / Total Harmonic – In the Same Way with Klaus Schulze – http://tunguskagrooves.com – 2012
2. Ars Sonor & Otolathe – Wireframe Ghost – https://effluviarecordings.wordpress.com/ – 2012
3. Simiram – Miss X – http://elpamusic.lv – 2011
4. Das Kraftfuttermischwerk – Butterflies in Hell – http://www.kraftfuttermischwerk.de/ – 2011
5. Thompost – Shimmer – http://thompost.bandcamp.com – 2012
6. Matthias Kispert – Anarchy in the UK – http://www.gruenrekorder.de – 2012
7. lausanne.pietzke – par avion – http://lausanne.bandcamp.com – 2011
8. Egidas – More Games – http://www.garganrecords.com – 2012
9. florconvenas – motín y repartición de víveres – http://freemusicarchive.org – 2012
10. Alexis Storm – From A To Z – http://records.sostanze.it/ – 2012
11. Plasmat -Nepal – http://statoelettrico.net – 2012
12. Tunguska EMS / Peter Zanegin – Space – http://tunguskagrooves.com – 2012
13. Csum – Skip 1 – http://picpack.org.ua/ – 2012
14. Julien Demoulin – Comfort Food – http://www.restingbell.net – 2012
15. Tojo – Under The Autumn – http://picpack.org.ua/ – 2012
16. D_e – Jupiter – http://censoredproductions.blogspot.com – 2012

"Klangboot Radio #032 ~ Tube ~ 20120518" by klangboot is licensed under a Creative Commons License

D_e - Deep Dimensions [CP 18]

Soundscapes inspired by nature, the cosmos, the forces acting in the universe and understanding of everything that surrounds us.

Genre: Abstract, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Drone, Isolationism, Soundscape


01. Gaia [the sound and spirit]
02. Deep Dimension
03. Gaia 3
04. Jupiter
05. # 4335

artwork by Daniela Cotimbo photo: d_e ''Analogates''

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Vapor & Polvo Vol 1. [OAN08] by Organic Acoustic Netlabel

Each artist in this compilation belongs to a different culture. The richness, texture and color of their sound is the difference and yet the complement. Each artist is also a favorite. This compilation includes the participation of musicians who have been our inspiration for a long time. Our gratitude and appreciation for each one of them, along with pride to have them with us.

released 09 April 2012
Music by Hidekazu Wakabayashi , Daniv Veryana , Kengo Yonemura , Andras Kiss , Susanne Hafenscher , Ed Plenderleith and B Lone Engines

Cover Art powered by Shinko Dateki, Nagasaki , Japan

Produced by Gonzalo de Lara Yañez
Master by Atrio Serenade
Organic Acoustic 2012
Santiago , Chile

Download free:

Visszajáró - Bokszutca // out on self-released CDr for 2 EU //

Each and every copy is a unique sample of minimalistic,
hand made collage art inside every CDr:

You can get your copy for 2Eu at vundergroundart@yahoo.com


Testet Ölt - Debut CDr release

Recorded at Studio Balans in Subotica in the winter of 2011. The record has 5 tracks within 42 minutes. It's a psychedelic, experimental rock album made under several, eclectic musical influences.

"Taking the experimental rock route Testet Ölt are purveyors of what can only be described as experimental/psychedelic/kraut rock.
This does mean that they do indeed have their own unique sound and style.
The five tracks on offer to sample at present highlight the wide ranging musical influences and each one is very listenable."
Fame magazine


Opium Vol.2: A Phase In The Slow Walk ( Avantroots Records )

Opium Vol.2: A Phase In The Slow Walk by AvantRoots

It has already been three years since the first volume of Opium, ambient reference which opened the Avantroots catalog. After an excellent acclaim, both, by critics and fans, we think that the second volume ought to live up to its predecessor, so we took it´s mapping at ease. During this time, we have been compiling tracks by artists like Adapt, Fabel, Sendo, Urenga, Imugem Orihasam, Horizontal Excursions, Hirotaka Miyamoto, Savi G, Telescope Thieves… from all over the world, UK, USA, Japan, Spain, Germany, Ukraine..., artists that connect with our idea of "Slow Walk", inspired by Eadweard Muybridge´s motion studies. Something like an exciting journey without setbacks, a leisurely unhurried tour in which we discover that being firmly connected to the ground is sometimes the best way to fly ... or as a friend once said, the soundtrack for the main character of The Straight Story by David Lynch, if the tractor had a CD player. We're departing: it is not necessary to fasten seat belts.


New Ohrwert album release! Free digital, and limited CD-R on Recycled Plastics

Not needed to presenting, the name Ohrwert speaking about itself. Dont miss to get your CD-R copy with two bonus tracks. Also don't forget to chek out the other releases of Recycled Plastics.

The sound of summer, Cape Town, 29/01/2012 - field recording by Restive

Uanamani Live @ Nitsa Club (Titan´s Halo Showcase) 28/10/11

Uanamani Live Improvisation set at Nitsa Club @ Apollo.
Part of the Titan´s Halo vs Artifex BCN showcase night.
Barcelona 28/10/2011.

Label spotlight: Organic Acoustic Netlabel

A new promising ambient netlabel coming from Chile. Started with a beautiful compilatin:
V​.​A​.​-​Tierra Desnuda

Enjoy for free: http://organicacoustic.bandcamp.com

Visit label site: http://organicacoustic.blogspot.com

V.A. last stop on Kopp [Kopp.25] (Kopp netlabel)

Download free:

Release page:


01.Penemue - Unholy Ground
02.Heirdrain - Road To The Abyss
03.Disciple XIII - Sensory Trance
04.Atrio Serenade - Low Energy Charged Particles Detector
05.CASA DE ORATES - Andres (R.I.P.)
06.Liquid Bass - Anger rises from silent waters
07.Indo - Flooded Megaliths
08.LIM - Blue Spectrum
09.Mielofon - Rote Mordwanze (Rhinocoris iracundus)
10.Playing with nuns - Vietnamese discipline
11.Satisfacción Lab - Traición flamenca número uno
12.Kristo - Affaire
13.Sanderson Dear - 29 Hanbury Street
14.Petstov - Last Record from Mars Station Amazonia-03

cover by Blacksshark Art http://www.Blacksshark.com

kopp netlabel

Kopp is a netlabel,dedicated to releasing dark ambient
atmospheric and underground electronic musics.
All kopp releases are available for free download in 320kpbs MP3 format,under creative commons licenses

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Sanderson Dear - Circles Change EP [CP 17]

Genre: dubtechno, tech-house, leftfield downtempo


1. Forgotten & Forasken 10:07
2. Sciomancer 5:16
3. Mutant 6:23

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