Vapor & Polvo Vol 1. [OAN08] by Organic Acoustic Netlabel

Each artist in this compilation belongs to a different culture. The richness, texture and color of their sound is the difference and yet the complement. Each artist is also a favorite. This compilation includes the participation of musicians who have been our inspiration for a long time. Our gratitude and appreciation for each one of them, along with pride to have them with us.

released 09 April 2012
Music by Hidekazu Wakabayashi , Daniv Veryana , Kengo Yonemura , Andras Kiss , Susanne Hafenscher , Ed Plenderleith and B Lone Engines

Cover Art powered by Shinko Dateki, Nagasaki , Japan

Produced by Gonzalo de Lara Yañez
Master by Atrio Serenade
Organic Acoustic 2012
Santiago , Chile

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