V.A. Ambient Consequences (by Kopp netlabel)

01.ZX81 - Bengance
02.PerLence - Dreamtime
03.Zen Nihilistisch - I Don't Believe 8
04.Bob T.racker - I love a good diner that involves gnocchi and theology and radio stations in northern minnesota
05.CircumLiver - Melodic Hybrid Ambient 01
06.Valenoise - kraft noise
07.Lithia Spectre - I m happy only in my dreams, rotting in your tangled hair, can you smell me
08.No Way Out - The Bubka's Playgound (Exerpt)
09.PerLence - Aftermaths
10.Loki Fun Lilith - Chaos Rape
11.Cousin Silas - Off The Hill
12.Sanderson Dear - Glimpses
13.Golem Mecanique - Buisson Ardent
14.Visoposiv - Ghostcrt
15.Heirdrain - In Abortion
16.Macu - kcC
17.Philippe Lamy - Seuls si nombreux
18.Nheap - Aphelion
19.Cezary Gapik - #0432
20.Loki Fun Lilith & No Way Out - UFO Tentation !


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Kopp is a netlabel,dedicated to releasing dark ambient
atmospheric and underground electronic musics.
All kopp releases are available for free download in 320kpbs MP3 format,under creative commons licenses.

cover by Blacksshark Art http://www.myspace.com/1000haines

kopp netlabel