The Big Drum In The Sky Religion - The Protocols Of The Elders Of Babylon [MPR041] ( on Misspelled records )

Combustibled babies: all're ending as is as if ending is unto being/beginning; 'tis all'n'all such same. Arbitrary despotic adhearances to patterns/structure/order/howitssupposedtobe/etc. = slavery to dawny dead memes, thoughtattrophy of mind lizard, zombififuckating walking wounded shrapnelled broken blackeyed and wretched whom once was a monad free'n'easy, now imprinted on a pike, gypped an' shitshocked into monoformity: thinketh ye ye hath karma sense? Fer feck's sake, 'tis a pisspot ya'll call the wor(l)d'n' yer guts're growing grey what ne'er e'en sliced ner slaked bloody lust 'pon the wellspring o' scattershot cosmic waters, fossil foolish fawn. Says a garbled garbage one-eyed wonder-worker, "Yar, an' 't'ain't godda be ass 'tis. Are immortalled seas be infinities an' ye kin grabbin' 'em e'ery an' masking marmy more: open/transparent to transcendent - is a wash. Ain't no goin' beyond Nirvana's glassy orbs: where'd ya think ya was?

Genre: concrete, noise, abstract


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