Stasis Recordings - VA Our Ambient Collection [SRCD01]

01 Arjen Schat - Transience
02 Sanderson Dear - Nature
03 Urenga - Coral Reef
04 Cezary Gapik - #0485
05 Off Land - View Point
06 As If - The Silent Voice Of Thunde
07 Blimp - The Gatherer

For our first compact disc we decided to do a compilation that allows us to fullly explore the ambient genre, showcase
the diversity and similarities of all the artists involved, and continue our label’s interest in promoting beatless
compositions. We created an emotive disc which could easily be played as the background soundtrack to a
quiet day or used as the focus point for introspecting.
released 09 January 2011
mastered by Andreas Kauffelt @ Schnittstelle

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