Soinoise series vol. 1: C-section

The first installment in the Soinoise series has been created exclusively by Polish artists – that’s the most important bit.

You’re dealing with very diverse material here – it might seem absurdly eclectic, but I hope (and it’s a twisted hope indeed), that it is also coherent in its own way. It’s not a single musical statement, but rather a polyphony that can’t, however, be denied a common source and a unifying spirit. Specific tags are of no importance here. Noise, ambient, drone, broadly understood electronic or experimental music with a touch of rock and folk – when you list them all like that, it starts to sound like some kind of babble. What’s important, then, is the elusive common denominator, the shared element that makes all sounds in the album harmonize and complement each other on various levels.


01 Atemi - SVOSSR
02 N.N. - Vilgoć
03 Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics - Kaalah
04 Evulsio - Limited Liability Sounds
05 Song4Sleazy (soinoise mix) - Tkn aka Tekaen
06 Mikrorytm - Cappelitty
07 Grains (part III) - Extreme Agony
08 N!.dll 3 freat Irmina - s110185top
09 Unspoken Secrets - Insomnia
10 58-300 (short version) - Kordian Trudny
11 Innocent Reaper - The Drowned 11


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